Lecture by Dr. Kenneth Sassaman

We are pleased to announce that our first speaker for the Kauffman Endowment for Excellence series this year is Kenneth Sassaman. Dr. Sassaman is the Hyatt and Cici Brown Professor of Florida Archaeology at the University of Florida (http://www.anthro.ufl.edu/LSA/). He will be visiting us from September 23rd to 25th.  

His talk, scheduled for Tuesday, Sept 24 at 3:30 PM in B034 Geddes Hall, is entitled, Futurescapes of the Southeastern Late Archaic.  The abstract is: After experiencing rising water for centuries, ancient communities of the northern Gulf coast of Florida became accustom to retreating from the shoreline. A variety of archaeological evidence suggests that coastal retreats were not only anticipated by past experience, but also structured to minimized the impact of change on society. The placement of settlements, cemeteries, monuments, and caches would suggest that Late Archaic communities (ca. 4500-3500 years ago) made reference to the winter and summer solstices and thus used the annual cycle of the sun to chart time in space. A futurescape of anticipated abandonment and re-settlement would eventually encompass the entire Gulf coast, leading to the crescendo of Late Archaic culture known to archaeologists as Poverty Point.