Program of Study

  1. Expected time to degree is 5 years. (Click to view new 5+1 Postdoctoral Fellowship Program)
  2. A total of 60 total credit hours
    • 15 credits (minimum) in required course work plus 45 additional credits
      1. Four Sub-Disciplinary Core Seminars (12 credits) (4 classes)
      2. Research Design Anthropology Seminar (3 credits)
      3. As needed: Seminars, courses in other departments, language coursework, methods, statistics, fieldwork, laboratory work, writing thesis in later years (45 credits)
  3. Annual assessments, with serious scrutiny at the completion of Year 1
  4. Comprehensive written exams in September of Year 3
  5. Yearly conference participation, submission of internal and external grants
  6. Successful completion of Teaching Apprenticeship (1 course on pedagogy, 2 terms as TA, 1 term as instructor of record), in conjunction with the Kaneb Center and a Teaching Mentor.
  7. Completion of Professional Development Curriculum, in conjunction with the Career Center and the Graduate School
    • Writing Anthropology Seminar
    • Ethics
    • Engagement
  8. Presentation of dissertation proposal, Fall of Year 3
  9. Completion of dissertation
  10. Defense of dissertation, Year 5

Course Structure

Required courses for Years 1 - 2, at 3 courses per semester

Anthropology Graduate Trajectory PDF