Archaeology Field Opportunities

18th Field School in Mortuary Archaeology- Drawsko, Poland

Achill Archaeological Field School

The Alberese Archaeological Field School- Etruscan-Roman city of Rusellae

The Alberese Achaeological Field School- Roman rural villa

Archaeology at San Jose de Moro PUCP Field School - Peru 

Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project

Bones and Stones: Peoples and Archaeology of Belize

Brigham Young University Archaeology Field Schools

Caherconnell Archaeological Field School in western Ireland

Callacpuma Archaeological Project- Peru

Colonial Archaeology - Historic St. Mary's City

Croatia Archaeological Field School- University of Wyoming

Crow Canyon Research Internships

Experimental Archaeology and Traditional Crafts- Romania

Guam National Wildlife Refuge- Mariana Islands

Hadrian's Villa- Columbia Summer Program in Italy

Historical South Bend Archaeological Field School

Internship with the Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology (Indiana DNR)

Irish Archaeology Field School

Irish Fieldschool of Prehistoric Archaeology

Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute- Vero Beach, Florida excavation

Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute Field School- Taos, New Mexico

Mortuary Archaeology Field School in Poland

Mount Vernon Historical Archaeology Internship

Pohansko- A Great Moravian Enclosure and Elite Settlement

St. Mary’s City Historical Archaeology Field School

Structural Diagnosis of Archaeological Monumental PUCP Field School- Peru

Wyoming Field School