Archaeology Field Opportunities

18th Field School in Mortuary Archaeology- Drawsko, Poland

Achill Archaeological Field School

The Alberese Archaeological Field School- Etruscan-Roman city of Rusellae

The Alberese Achaeological Field School- Roman rural villa

Archaeology at San Jose de Moro PUCP Field School - Peru 

Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project

Bones and Stones: Peoples and Archaeology of Belize

Brigham Young University Archaeology Field Schools

Caherconnell Archaeological Field School in western Ireland

Callacpuma Archaeological Project- Peru

Colonial Archaeology - Historic St. Mary's City

Croatia Archaeological Field School- University of Wyoming

Crow Canyon Research Internships

Experimental Archaeology and Traditional Crafts- Romania

Guam National Wildlife Refuge- Mariana Islands

Hadrian's Villa- Columbia Summer Program in Italy

Historical South Bend Archaeological Field School

Internship with the Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology (Indiana DNR)

Irish Archaeology Field School

Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute- Vero Beach, Florida excavation

Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute Field School- Taos, New Mexico

Mount Vernon Historical Archaeology Internship

Pohansko- A Great Moravian Enclosure and Elite Settlement

St. Mary’s City Historical Archaeology Field School

Structural Diagnosis of Archaeological Monumental PUCP Field School- Peru

Wyoming Field School