Internships for ND Students

Internships for Notre Dame Anthropology Majors and Minors

Annual Internship at the Smithsonian Institute

Research and training internships are being offered by the University of Notre Dame Department of Anthropology and the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) in Washington DC.

This program is being funded by our department and it is the first time that the Smithsonian has ever established a special program such as this with a university. The Smithsonian selected Notre Dame following the Department's proposal in which we emphasized our four-fields approach and our commitment to undergraduate research. After reviewing our faculty and our web site, they concurred that Notre Dame Anthropology was, indeed, really special. Thus, the Museum staff guarantees internships for our students.

Cultural Resource Management Internship with Cardno JFNew

Cardno JFNew is an environmental consulting firm in Walkerton, Indiana. The company is offering a paid internship to one student (anthropology major or minor) for a 10-week experience in cultural resource management. More information regarding the summer experience will be available in early January. Students must have taken archaeological field school to apply.