Madeleine McLeester

Postdoctoral Research Associate

PhD University of Chicago

Mccleester Bio Pic

I am an archaeologist specializing in late prehistoric North America and the complex, entangled relationships humans have with the environment. In my research, I use complementary environmental analyses (like pollen and stable isotope analyses) alongside historical ethnographies to reconstruct past land use systems and their long-term impacts on the landscape.  I am currently co-directing an archaeological project with Dr. Mark Schurr: The Kankakee Protohistory Project.  This project brings together geophysics, excavation, and environmental analyses to investigate the dialectical human and environmental histories along the Kankakee River in Illinois and Indiana just prior to European contact.  Under this project, we are currently excavating a Huber Phase (ca. 1600) site at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie.  This site helps answer ongoing questions about these communities including their systems of mobility, long distance trade, land use, and economy.

See more about the Kankakee Protohistory Project here.

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