Cool Classes: Martial Arts and Popular Culture

Author: Nicole White '19

Bare feet slapped on the hardwood floor and students watched their reflections in the mirrored walls as Lindsay McCray ’20 commanded the attention of Rockne Memorial Gymnasium’s Room 109. 


Fitted in a spotless white suit, black belt tied tight around her waist, McCray was there in her role as president of the Notre Dame Mixed Martial Arts Club. The students before her were there on a field trip. Their class? Martial Arts and Popular Culture.…

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Anthropologist’s exploration of migration, music, and poetics wins trio of book awards

Author: Brian Wallheimer

Notre Dame anthropologist Alex Chávez’s first book, Sounds of Crossing: Music, Migration, and the Aural Poetics of Huapango Arribeño, has certainly caught the eye of his peers. The in-depth look at Mexican migrants’ cultural expression through music has earned three prestigious awards in the fields of anthropology and ethnomusicology.​​​​​​Chávez’s work has earned the 2018 Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology Book Prize and 2018 Association for Latina and Latino Anthropologists Book Award, and now the Alan P. Merriam Prize from the Society for Ethnomusicology. 

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Anthropologist's study shows fathers’ postnatal hormone levels predict later caregiving

Author: Colleen Sharkey

In a first-of-its-kind study, Notre Dame anthropologist Lee Gettler and psychologist Patty Kuo focused on how dads’ biology around the birth of their children relates to their parenting down the road. Dads whose cortisol levels were elevated while they held their newborns on the day of their birth – either skin to skin or clothed – were more likely to be involved with indirect care and play with their infants in the first months of their lives.

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Kellogg International Scholar Pursues Career in Public Health

Author: Anthropology Dept.

Smith Oka Oconnell 005

The summer after her sophomore year at the University of Notre Dame, Lauren O’Connell ’18 found herself working in a hamlet in the Peruvian Amazon so small it couldn’t even be found on a map.

With no cars and just a few dozen families, it was a far cry from the large Atlanta suburb where she grew up. But her study of the region’s medicinal plants – through an Experiencing the World (ETW)

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ND Professors Agustín Fuentes and Celia Deane-Drummond featured in ORBITER Magazine on "The Wisdom of Collaboration

Author: Anthropology Dept.

Don’t tell science and religion they shouldn’t be meeting like this. At least, don’t tell Agustín Fuentes and Celia Deane-Drummond, an anthropologist and theologian, respectively, at the University of Notre Dame. Because they’ll just brush that notion aside and forge ahead with some of the most interesting cross-disciplinary research around.

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