Ayşe Bursalı

Ayse Grad

Ayşe received her M.A. in Prehistoric Archaeology from Koç University in Turkey (2017), and her B.A. in Anthropology and Classics from McGill University in Montréal, Canada (2013). Her master’s thesis focused on identifying the material and colouring techniques of blue beads recovered from Barcın Höyük, a Neolithic settlement in northwest Turkey, as well as exploring their social significance and the possibility of imitation. Her B.A. Honors thesis looked into the historical archaeology of Ottoman remains.

Ayşe’s current research focuses on how the household and village community were organized in a village in Central Anatolia, Turkey, using an ethnoarchaeological perspective with complementary microhistorical research. This research explores questions of gendered and functional use of space, abandonment of settlements, the subsequent re-use of space&materials and transformation of the landscape, and the impact of relocation, urbanization, and larger socio-economical dynamics on a village community. Her broader interests include the Neolithic of Turkey and the Near East, post-colonial archaeology/anthropology, the use of internet and social media in outreach and public anthropology projects -especially with the co-founded website Arkeofili.com in Turkish-, and language ideologies in Turkey.

Contact: 290 Corbett Family Hall,  abursali@nd.edu