Cecelia Chisdock

Cecelia Chisdock Large

Cecelia received her BS in Archaeology and Biological Anthropology from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Her work as an undergraduate included studying vertebral arthritis in the Smithsonian’s Terry Collection, working as a research assistant on stable isotope analysis of the Roosevelt African Mammal Collection, and researching Egyptian interactions with the Near East in the Bronze Age. Her honors thesis focused on studying linear enamel hypoplasia as a general stress indicator in Chalcolithic and Late Bronze Age populations from the site of Tel Megiddo.

Cecelia’s current research interests are in the bioarchaeology of the Near East, indicators of stress, musculoskeletal stress markers, the impact of social status on health in ancient populations, and the biological effects of cultural transitions.

Contact: 288 Corbett Family Hall, cchisdoc@nd.edu