Charles Morse


Charles holds a B.A. in both Anthropology and Near Eastern Studies from the University of California, Berkeley (2014). His undergraduate research focused on the notion of sedentism and its application to archaeological contexts. His thesis proposed redefining sedentism through semiotics and practice theory so mobility could be discussed in pre-urban mortuary contexts in Bab adh-Dhra’ Jordan.

At Notre Dame, Charles’ research focuses on expanding our knowledge of the protohistoric--between the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age--of the southern Levant through integrative approaches to archaeological contexts. Concomitantly, his theoretical focus centers on mobility, semiotics, practice, and landscape based approaches to material culture. After modifying and analyzing the database of materials from Bab adh-Dhra’, he will be working toward a more complete picture of the transition to and from Urbanism in the Southern Levant. In modern application, Charles’ work focuses on the dynamics of power and identity as it relates to imposed organization on cultural practice--such of ‘legitimized’ forms of mobility and immigration.

Contact: 232 Corbett Family Hall,