Ivoline Budji Kefen

Ivoline S Photo

Ivoline’s MSc in Anthropology from the Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC) Bamenda (2015), focused on the role of language in identity construction, intercultural interaction, and intergenerational transmission of cultural values/norms. Also, as a Chevening scholar (2017), she obtained an MA in Cross-cultural Communication and Media from Newcastle University in the UK, where she focused on the role of the media in enhancing ideologies and perceptions, especially regarding race and gender, among various cultural backgrounds.

She is very much interested in concepts of dominance/power especially as they pertain to gender, ethnicity/race and age; how communities and individuals within them construct, embed, deconstruct, and use language, media, and other forms/means of communication vis-à-vis political and socio-cultural interests and/or ideologies (especially in areas of conflict); and processes of identity construction and their impact at several levels (local, national, international).
Ivoline is also a Fellow of the Kellogg Institute of International Studies, University of Notre Dame.

Contact: 288 Corbett Family Hall, ibudjike@nd.edu