Jelena Jankovic-Rankovic

Jelena Pic

Jelena is a biocultural anthropologist specializing in migration and refugee studies. Her dissertation research work focuses on understanding the social processes and meanings underlying routinized social practices (RSPs) and their biological impacts, especially within encampment settings. By taking a within and cross-site comparisons approach on two refugee populations in Serbia and Kenya, Jelena combines ethnographic analysis with physiological biomarkers to examine the impact of everyday lived experiences on social systems, values, identities, and health.   

Jelena holds an M. A. degree in International Peace Studies from University of Notre Dame and an M.A. degree in Strategies and Methods of Non-violent Social Change from University of Belgrade. She received her B. A. from University of Belgrade, majoring in Special Education and Rehabilitation.

Jelena was awarded the Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development (NDIGD) and the Nanovic Institute Fellowships. Jelena is also a Kellogg Doctoral Student Affiliate and has advanced to candidacy.

Contact: 206 Corbett Family Hall,