Kayla Hurd

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Kayla holds a M.A. in Anthropology from Wayne State University, and an American Chemical Society certified B.S. in Chemistry, with a double minor in Archaeology and Criminal Justice, from Grand Valley State University. After various research projects in synthetic biochemistry, archaeology, and cultural anthropology, her passion for combining these techniques, and ultimately, the field of biomedical anthropology prevailed. Her interests include traditional medicine, pharmaceutical design and resistance, evolutionary medicine, and the application of chemistry within medical anthropology.

At Notre Dame, Kayla plans to continue research involving chemical analyses of edible insects in aims of combating nutritional deficiencies such as anemia.  This work stems from her involvement with the “Eating Insects Detroit: Exploring the Culture of Insects as Food and Feed” international conference that was held in 2016.  She intends to provide a comprehensive nutritional analysis of edible insects as a way to justify the ecological benefits of farming insects as both food and medicine as well as relinquish the stigma that insects hold in society. More broadly, she wants to explore non-human actors (like insects and other micro-organisms) and their relationship with human diseases. Kayla is a Notre Dame Deans’ Fellow.

Contact: 208 Corbett Family Hall,  khurd@nd.edu