Patrick Finnigan


Patrick Finnigan holds a BA in Anthropology from Indiana University in South Bend, where he was the winner of the 2016 Linda Marie Fritschner Award for Excellence in Research.  Patrick's undergraduate research involved archaeological sites in South Bend's urban historic district ranging from a former pioneer corner grocery to the industrialist Studebaker family.

At Notre Dame, Patrick will focus on industrial archaeology and urban abandonment. He also has research interests in urban archaeology and Rust Belt anthropology, as well as Gilded and Progressive Age history in the Great Lakes area.  Patrick's research applications include utilizing historical information to foster a sense of place and community in abandoned urban areas, while preserving the many cultures and identities that have occupied these sites over time. Patrick also intends to work with groups such as the Union of Concerned Scientists to ensure that his research supports environmentally sustainable and historically responsible preservation of urban and industrial structures.

Contact: 208 Corbett Family Hall,