Frequently asked questions are below. Please note that specific regulations, requirements, and other details about our graduate program in Anthropology can be found in our Graduate Program Guide.
  • Do you offer a terminal M.A.? No.
  • Do you have a special policy for international students? No. International students are considered in the same pool as U.S. students, and they receive the same funding package.
  • What are the language requirements? TOEFL if English is not your native language.
  • Do I need to be an Anthropology major in college? No.
  • Where do I get an application? Click here to apply to the Graduate School
  • What should I put in my personal statement? Click here for tips on Writing a Statement of Purpose.
  • I already have an MA - do I get credit for this? Click here to see Transfer of Credit policy in the Anthropology Graduate Guide.
  • Do I need an MA to apply? No.
  • I have applied before, do I need to complete the entire application again? Yes.
  • Can I come to visit the campus? Yes. Here is a link to our Open House. You are also welcome to visit the Notre Dame campus at any time during the academic year. Please be sure to make appointments in advance through the Director of Graduate Studies, Christopher Ball at gradanth@nd.edu or 574-631-6993.
  • How high do my GRE scores and GPA need to be for admission? We have no official level for scores, but most admitted students have the following average scores: Verbal = 158, Quantitative = 151, Writing = 4.0, and a GPA above 3.5.
  • Who makes the decision about my application? The Director of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Committee (a committee of five members chosen annually from among the Anthropology faculty) make all final decisions in consultation with faculty members.
  • What are the teaching requirements? Students TA a minimum of two classes during their time in the PhD Program.
  • Do you provide students with funding to pursue research and attend conferences? Yes, there is some funding from both the department and University to help students fund travel for brief research trips and to attend conferences in their field.
  • How long does it take to complete a PhD in Anthropology at Notre Dame? Expected time to degree is 5 years.
  • I have been working in another profession (or training for another profession), and I am only now turning to anthropology. Should I apply to your program? Yes.
  • If I apply by December 1st, when will I hear about my application? Link to Admissions Calendar.
  • Does the Department of Anthropology offer a degree via distance learning? No.