Current Graduate Course Offerings

Fall 2020 Required Graduate Courses

Required for 1st year PhD students:
ANTH 60202 Orientations to Archaeology- Schurr T 2:00-4:45
ANTH 60204 Orientations to Sociocultural Anthropology- Oka TH 2:00-4:45

Fall 2020 Elective Graduate Courses

ANTH 60084 Structural Violence- Bolten M/W 9:30-10:45
ANTH 60122 Primate Behavior and Ecology- Peterson T/TH 11:00-12:15
ANTH 60313 Analytical Methods in Anthropology- Smith-Oka TH 9:30-12:15
ANTH 60700 Preparing for Fieldwork- Haanstad TBA

ANTH 60890 Archaeology of Death- Chesson M/W 11:00-12:15
ANTH 63100 Human Osteology- Sheridan M/W 3:30-4:45
ANTH 63201 Nasty, Bruitish, and Short- Golitko M/W 2:00-3:15
ANTH 63204 Barn Stories- Kuijt and Donaruma T/TH 2:00-3:15
ANTH 63303 Identity, Pluralism, and Democracy- Albahari W 2:00-4:45
ANTH 63313 Anthropology of Childhood & Education- Blum M/W 12:30-1:45
ANTH 63403 Global Indigenous Politics- Ball T/TH 3:30-4:45
ANTH 63407 Writing Anthropology- Blum M 2:00-4:45

*Graduate Directed Readings and Research. All are variable credit courses (1-3) unless indicated otherwise. See Class Search on Inside ND for all sections offered for these courses:

66100 Graduate Directed Readings in Biological Anthropology
66110 Graduate Directed Readings in Bioarchaeology
66200 Graduate Directed Readings in Medical Anthropology
66300 Graduate Directed Readings in Sociocultural Anthropology (1-3 credits)
66301 Graduate Directed Readings in Sociocultural Anthropology (1-6 credits)
66400 Graduate Directed Readings in Linguistic Anthropology
66500 Graduate Directed Readings in Archaeology
66700 Graduate Directed Readings in Anthropology
68100 Graduate Directed Research in Biological Anthropology
68110 Graduate Directed Research in Bioarchaeology
68200 Graduate Directed Research in Medical Anthropology
68300 Graduate Directed Research in Sociocultural Anthropology
68400 Graduate Directed Research in Linguistic Anthropology
68500 Graduate Directed Research in Archaeology
68600 Graduate Directed Research in Anthropology