Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology - Summer 2019


Location: Corbett Family Hall 202 (View on map )

ANTH 20201 Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology (CRN 3803)

This course approaches human evolution from a theoretical point of view that combines both biological and cultural processes into a cohesive bio-cultural model. It begins by tracing the development of modern evolutionary theory and the place of evolutionary studies in anthropology, especially in the sub-field of bioanthropology. These concepts provide the framework for understanding the many lines of evidence that anthropologists use to explore and explain human evolution. These include studies of our primate relatives, through the intricacies of the fossil record, to archaeological evidence for the invention of material culture from the simplest stone tools to the complex cultural world that we live in today. Modern human variation can only be explained as the result of evolutionary forces acting on the complex interplay of biology and culture over millions of years. We continue to be affected by these forces, and this course not only provides information about where we came from, it also provides the scientific backgrounds to help us understand where we might be going as our species continues to evolve.

with Dr. Jeffrey Peterson -

Counts towards Biology Electives, Neuroscience Electives (NSBH), Anthropology Fundamentals and/or Electives.  Also counts as Arts and Letters Social Science (ALSS).  M T W R F - 9:30A - 10:50A. 

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