Business Anthropology on the Road


Location: Online

Business Anthropology on the Road

A Virtual Program at University of Notre Dame March 26, 2021

10:00-12:00  Business Anthropology: An Overview with Q&A
1:00-3:00  Workshops and Ask Us Anything

Business is a viable and rewarding career path for anthropology graduates at all levels. Business Anthropology on the Road introduces students to employment opportunities such as market research, organizational culture, and design. The interactive webinar and workshops are a must for those who want to apply their anthropological knowledge, methods, and skills in organizational settings.


Robert J. Morais, Ph.D., is a business anthropologist with experience in advertising and market research. He is currently a Lecturer at Columbia Business School. Among his books are Advertising and Anthropology (co-author), Ethics in the Anthropology of Business (co-editor), and Refocusing Focus Groups (author).

Elizabeth K. Briody, Ph.D., works with organizational clients through her consulting practice Cultural Keys LLC. Recent books include Cultural Change from a Business Anthropology Perspective, The Cultural Dimension of Global Business (8th ed.), and the award-winning Transforming Culture. She is currently serving as Secretary of the AAA. 

Amy Goldmacher, Ph.D., is an anthropologist who finds opportunities for innovation and runs her own research and consulting business. She is a Fellow of the Society for Applied Anthropology and is the co-author of Designing An Anthropology Career (2nd ed.).