Faculty Lightning Talks


Location: 278 Corbett Family Hall

Anthropology Faculty Lightning Presentations
In Person Presentations (5 min each)

Moderator: Keri Porter, Anthropology PhD


Aidan Seale-Feldman - "Ethical Substance: Psychedelic Medicine in Times of Social and Spiritual Crisis"

Eric Haanstad - "Bruce Lee as Vietnam War Avatar"

Mark Golitko - "Rising seas and human ecodynamics on mid-Holocene New Guinea"

Cara Ocobock - "Fit, Fat…and Cold? Potential Evolutionary & Environmental Drivers of Metabolically Healthy Obesity"

Vania Smith-Oka - "An Infinite List of Documents: Adventures with Bureau-Crazy"

Donna Glowacki - "Resilience & Vulnerability in an Ancestral Pueblo Community"

Chris Ball - "Forest and Fazenda: Cultures of Growth and Transformation in Brazilian Amazonia"