Anthropology Alumni Dig Deeper

Author: Mike Weiler

The following recent graduates from the Department of Anthropology have chosen to continue their studies by pursuing graduate degrees in the United States and abroad.
Briana Bauer ’10 – Central Washington University, Ph.D. in anthropology
Madeline Boyer ’09 – University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. in cultural anthropology
Jillian Brems ’09 – University of Maryland, M.A.A. in historical archaeology
Molly Chrnelic ’10 – University of Pennsylvania, M.A. in education
Cristina M. Crespo Suarez ’09 – Boston University, M.A. in medical anthropology
Emily Czarka ’10 – Emory University, doctor of physical therapy program
Casey Engelbert ’09 – Stanford University, M.A. in Latin American studies
Mark Flanagan ’10 – University of Arizona, M.A. in anthropology
Courtney Hofman ’09 – University of Maryland, Ph.D. in biological anthropology
Tyler Hulett ’10 – Oregon State University, Ph.D. in biochemistry
Chris Lanus ’10 – Loyola Marymount University, M.A. in teaching
Ryan Lash ’10 – University of Cambridge, M.A. in philosophy
Sean Mallin ’09 – University of California, Irvine, Ph.D. in cultural anthropology
Collin McCabe ’10 – Harvard University, Ph.D. in human evolutionary biology
Colin Reimer ’09 – University of California, San Diego, M.A. in biological anthropology
Jillian Schroeder ’10 – University of Pittsburgh, M.A. in public health
Katie Shakour ’09 – University College Dublin, M.A. in historical archaeology
Analisia Stewart ’10 – University of Colorado, Denver, M.A. in anthropology
Alexander Woller ’09 – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ph.D. in ethnomusicology
Robin Yim, ’09 – Bournemouth University, United Kingdom, M.S.C. in forensic anthropology
Jennifer Zabel ’09 – Case Western Reserve University, Ph.D. in medical anthropology and concurrent M.P.H in biostatistics and epidemiology