Anthropology Mentorship Program

Author: Anthropology Dept.

The Graduate Students are happy to announce an Anthropology Mentorship Program. In this program, we will match undergraduate students with graduate student mentors to help and advise students as they move through their undergraduate degrees. Mentors can help with graduate school applications, thesis projects, conference papers, course work, and can offer general guidance as an additional resource for students.

Graduate mentors will not take the place of faculty advisors. Mentors and mentees will work together to construct expectations and goals for the mentorship, which can be limited to help with specific needs or can act as a more general mentorship relationship. The Mentorship relationship will last only a semester at a time, but can be renewed at the start of each semester if both parties are willing and able to continue.

Our mentorship program is invested in providing support for all students and fostering an anthropological community supportive and representative of diverse viewpoints related to race, gender, socioeconomic status, and LGBTQ+ identities. In addition to providing extra guidance with questions/concerns related to coursework, graduate school applications, etc., mentors can also be a resource to think through your engagement with anthropology while at Notre Dame, as well as what you can do with an Anthropology degree post-graduation. With this program, we hope to support mentees as Notre Dame students and as budding anthropologists, and hope to energize your engagement with anthropology!

If you would like a graduate student mentor, please fill out this Google form so that we can learn more about you and your needs. You can also email Lauren Finnigan ( or Brandon Moskun ( with any questions.