Summer 2022 Archaeology Field School Opportunity!

Author: Eileen Barany

Archaeology Field School

Class Description

Join Professor Mark Schurr this summer on a 3 week dig learning about the human past! Class runs from June 6th through June 24th. Registration can be found on InsideND Class Search ANTH 35588 (undergrads) or ANTH 65588 (graduates).

This course is designed to give you a broad and intensive introduction to the methods, theories, aims, and ethics of archaeological field work. It also includes an introduction to geophysical survey methods (magnetic, soil resistivity, and ground penetrating radar surveys) and their interpretation. The curriculum covers geophysical surveys, excavation methods, laboratory analysis and curation of artifacts, the documentation of archaeological sites and finds, and other fundamental field and laboratory skills. You will learn about these subjects by participating in a field research project. Most of the time will be spent learning and practicing field and laboratory techniques, but you will also learn from assigned readings, lectures, workshops, and structured discussions about the research project.

You will learn about:

Geophysical survey and remote sensing
The basics of field archaeology
The archaeology of eastern North America
Prehistoric and historic American culture
Careers in archaeology
Public Archaeology
Notre Dame Anthropology majors complete the Methods requirement 

For more information, please contact:

Professor Mark Schurr  
Email:   Phone: 574-631-7638

The Collier Lodge Site


The Collier Lodge site in Porter County, Indiana has produced evidence of prehistoric and historic occupations from as early as 8,000 B.C. up to the recent past. The site is named for the Collier Lodge, a former hunting lodge that once stood there. For millennia, people used the site to exploit the rich resources of the great Kankakee Marsh, an enormous wetland that was one of the dominant environmental zones of the region before it was drained at the start of the twentieth century. The site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Lodge building is in bad shape and will be removed this spring. We will investigate the area under the Lodge, which has not been accessible since 1898.

Application Deadline:

June 6. (enrollment is limited to 15).
Notre Dame students can register through InsideND anytime between March 16 - June 6.
Visiting students may register through the Summer Session beginning March 16.


Undergrad Tuition/Fees: $1,270 per credit hour ($3,810 for 3 credit hours)
Graduate Tuition/Fees: $1,120 per credit hour ($3,360 for 3 credit hours)

Students are responsible for all other expenses (mainly housing, dining, and some minor supplies). Van rides to and from campus to the site, all major field equipment, and most supplies are covered by the course.

 Housing and meal plans are available on-campus, or students can make their own arrangements for off-campus living.  Information about housing and dining is available from the Summer Session

Summer Session does not have updated housing rates yet, but in 2021, on-campus housing was $210 a week (that would be $630 total).  There is a variety of meal plans available at different costs.  As we will be traveling to the site daily in university vans, you will need to pack your lunch, so avoid a meal plan that includes five lunches per week. Info on campus housing rates and meals plans can be found at

You can also find off campus housing with affordable sublets.