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Anthropology Alumni Reflection: Applying Cultural Analysis in the Real World

Author: By Meagan Sutton, '04

Throughout post-graduation life, I have found many useful applications for what I learned in Notre Dame's anthropology program. Yet the true test was when I found myself on the ground in Dharamsala, India, in 2008 with an M.A. thesis topic and a fieldwork proposal.
Fieldwork was not a requirement for my M.A. thesis by any means, and it was out of the ordinary that a student would travel to gather research for the thesis. I chose to do so because reading books in the library had led me to more questions than conclusions about Tibetan studies. I found a number of works in which I felt that authors were writing within a framework that lacked awareness of cultural relativism (the principle that people's beliefs and actions should be interpreted in terms of their own cultural framework). This is an awareness I think is crucial in any discipline. I attribute my critical analysis of these works to the fantastic guidance provided to me by my anthropology professors at Notre Dame.…

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Notre Dame anthropologist receives grant to explore human nature

Author: Kate Cohorst

Agustin Fuentes

Who are we? Why are we here? Why do we do what we do? What makes humans unique?

These are the universal questions at the heart of an ambitious new initiative led by University of Notre Dame anthropologist Agustín Fuentes.

Funded by a $197,000 grant from the John Templeton Foundation, the Human Natures Project is a two-year research effort that could pave the way for a much larger, long-term endeavor.

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Notre Dame to Host Economic Anthropology Conference


The University of Notre Dame will host the 2011 conference of the Society for Economic Anthropology on March 10 to 12 (Thursday to Saturday), where scholars from archeology, history, cultural anthropology, and economics will explore several views of greed and excess, and examine how different societies tolerated or controlled these behaviors. All presentations will be held in McKenna Hall on the Notre Dame campus.

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