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Campus Crossroads: The Department's New Home

Author: Brendan O'Shaughnessy

Agustín Fuentes

The east building of the Campus Crossroads project will provide classrooms, offices, laboratories, and a student lounge for the Departments of Anthropology and Psychology. Construction is expected to start in November and be finished in 33 months. “This new facility is going to allow us to have this social nexus that is also an intellectual nexus,” said Agustin Fuentes, the department chair. “We’re going to get together and think together and use what anthropology has in the context of the Notre Dame environment to go out and change the world.”

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Outstanding Undergraduate Research Honored

Author: Kate Garry


College of Arts and Letters students made a strong showing at Notre Dame’s 7th annual Undergraduate Scholars Conference, which showcased more than 250 research, scholarship, and creative projects from across the University. At the May 2, 2014, event, history major Mia Counts ’14 won the Undergraduate Library Research Award for best senior thesis.

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Kellogg launches International Development Fellowships with awards to graduating seniors

Author: Joseph McNally and Elizabeth Rankin

Olivia Schneider, left, Patrick Salemme and Maria Krug

The first recipients of the new International Development Fellowship established by the the University of Notre Dame’s Kellogg Institute for International Studies will be graduating seniors Maria Krug, Patrick Salemme and Olivia Schneider, Kellogg Institute Director Paolo Carozza announced in April.

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Anthropology Major Studies Social Mobility in Guatemala

Author: Ben Horvath and Carrie Gates

Last summer, Notre Dame senior Marianinna Villavicencio brought the perspective and research skills she gained as an anthropology major to her home country of Guatemala, exploring issues facing the country’s ethnic minority for her senior thesis project. With the help of a grant from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), Villavicencio focused on the governmental policies geared toward indigenous populations in Guatemala and the cultural factors that prevent their upward mobility.

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Letter From the Chair

Author: Agustín Fuentes

Greetings, I hope you are well and enjoying the spring (after a very long winter). The 2013-2014 academic year was quite an amazing one.

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Notre Dame Student Researches Medical Partnerships in Rwanda

Author: Carrie Gates

Rwanda is one of the few countries to have met the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals—which include reducing childhood mortality, improving maternal health, and combatting HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases. In her research, Notre Dame senior Catherine Cichon explores how Rwanda’s success may be repeated in other developing countries.

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Anthropologist Maurizio Albahari Illuminates Migration Crisis in the Mediterranean

Author: Carrie Gates

“Everything changed on October 3, but nothing really changed,” says Maurizio Albahari, assistant professor in Notre Dame’s Department of Anthropology. In October 2013, several major media outlets covered two tragic shipwrecks off the coast of the Sicilian island of Lampedusa, which killed more than 400 Eritrean and Syrian migrants trying to reach Europe. Following the first incident, CNN reached out to Albahari for a quote.

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Anthropologist Lee Gettler discusses fatherhood research at AAAS annual meeting

Author: William G. Gilroy


A presentation by University of Notre Dame anthropologist Lee Gettler at the recent “Building Babies” session at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) highlighted new research that contributes a number of novel insights into our understanding of the way men’s biology can respond to the demands of parenthood and drew significant media attention.

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New Facilities for Anthropology in Campus Crossroads Project

Author: Dennis Brown

The University of Notre Dame announced Wednesday, January 29, the largest building project in its 172-year history, integrating the academy, student life, and athletics with the construction of more than 750,000 square feet in three new buildings attached to the west, east and south sides of the University’s iconic football stadium, at a projected cost of $400 million. The Campus Crossroads Project will add significant academic space at the same time the University is hiring 80 new faculty to build on Notre Dame’s existing strengths.

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Notre Dame Anthropologists and Undergrads Present at AAA Conference

Author: Carrie Gates

Notre Dame’s Department of Anthropology made a strong showing at the 2013 conference of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) in Chicago. Thirteen faculty members, along with seven undergraduate students, were invited to present at the annual event. This year’s theme was “Future Publics, Current Engagements.”

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