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Alex Chávez: Parallels among Latino, Mideast and North African migration

Author: Gene Stowe

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Alex E. Chávez, an assistant professor in anthropology and Fellow of the Institute for Latino Studies (ILS), sees parallels between longstanding Latino migration to the United States and the current crisis of Middle Eastern and North African migration to Europe. He was part of a group of ILS faculty fellows who met with Italian scholars to discuss immigration at Notre Dame’s Global Gateway Center in Rome in October.

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Letter from the Chair

Author: Agustín Fuentes

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The 2015-2016 academic year has been a terrific and tumultuous year for the Department of Anthropology. We continue to push boundaries, publish extensively, and shape the discipline of anthropology. A substantial number of books, articles, blogs, external grants, and media events attest to the impact of the departmental faculty—and our efforts are growing by leaps and bounds.

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