Jada Benn Torres

Benn Torres Leads Department’s New Molecular Anthropology Lab

Assistant Professor Jada Benn Torres uses genetics to research the distribution of diseases across populations, with a primary focus on women’s reproductive health. Notre Dame’s first molecular anthropologist, she recently celebrated the opening of her laboratory, where tools and techniques developed in molecular genetics are brought to bear on anthropological questions.

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Kyle Bocinsky

Talking Turkey With Kyle Bocinsky ’08

From A.D. 550 to 1300, the ancient Puebloans inhabited the Four Corners region of the American Southwest, the place where four states—Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah—now meet. How are archaeologists tackling the mystery of why these ancient people may have abandoned their homes so abruptly? Kyle Bocinsky ’08, for one, says he is investigating whether the ancient Puebloans’ interactions with North America’s famous native domesticate, the turkey, may have played a role.

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Susan Blum

Susan Blum Researches the Truth About Plagiarism

From one culture to another—and from each generation to the next—the definitions of lying and deception are understood differently. This can cause people to doubt or mistrust each other’s integrity, including in academia where the originality of ideas is especially prized and plagiarism especially abhorred. Susan Blum, professor in Notre Dame’s Department of Anthropology, has spent years researching the complexity of these issues.

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Professor Donald Ortner works with a student

Researchers in the Making

And as we begin our 10th year, it is nice to reflect upon—dare I say brag about?—the accomplishments of our alums from our REU site, which has focused on reconstructing life in the ancient Near East. In addition to REU Fellows from undergraduate programs across the country, participants in the program include graduate students and faculty from 59 other universities and staff from museums nationwide.

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Professor Donald Ortner of the Smithsonian works with a student.

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