Catherine Bolten

Catherine Bolten Reveals the Human Side of Sierra Leone

An army officer betrayed by the government. A market trader who forges an alliance with a rebel leader to feed her starving children. And a man who risks his life to get food for his pregnant wife. These are among the scores of survivors Notre Dame anthropologist Catherine Bolten came to know during more than seven years researching post–war Sierra Leone.

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Augustín Fuentes

Agustín Fuentes Named AAAS Fellow

Agustín Fuentes, a professor in the University of Notre Dame’s Department of Anthropology, has been named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He was cited for "distinguished contributions to field primatology and physical anthropology."

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Ian Kuijt

Abandoned Irish Island Opens Window to Past

The last 24 human inhabitants of the Irish island of Inishark departed together on October 20, 1960—a solemn end to a slow, steady decline. This small community’s collapse more than 50 years ago now offers Professor Ian Kuijt and his students "a window" to Irish life in the 19th century. "These people were living little differently than they were in the 1860s," he explains.

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Meagan Sutton

Applying Cultural Analysis in the Real World

"Throughout post-graduation life, I have found many useful applications for what I learned in Notre Dame’s anthropology program," says 2004 graduate Meagan Sutton. "The true test was when I found myself on the ground in Dharamsala, India, during a massive Tibetan uprising in 2008. Suddenly, I was encountering in real life the ethical dilemmas of fieldwork that I had learned about in my classes."

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