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Lee Gettler

Alumnus Lee Gettler to Join Notre Dame Faculty

Biological anthropologist Lee Gettler ’05 made national news last year with his research on the linkage between fatherhood and testosterone, reporting that the hormone decreases in men once they have children and drops even more in dads who are very active in caring for their kids. Read More

Collin McCabe

Anthropology Alumni Awarded Prestigious NSF Fellowships

The extensive research opportunities available to undergraduates in Notre Dame's Department of Anthropology played a key role in helping two recent graduates—Collin McCabe ’10 and Claire Brown ’11—win fellowships from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Read More

Meredith Chesson

Archaeologist Meredith Chesson 'Follows the Pots'

Notre Dame Associate Professor Meredith S. Chesson investigates the extensive looting—mostly by economically struggling local residents—that for decades has affected the area in and around the Jordanian cemetery at Fifa. Her work questions traditional ways of thinking about both archaeologists and looters. Read More

Neva Lundy

Alumni Reflections: Pursuing Graduate Work Overseas

Four years ago, I was a nervous freshman in flip-flops and a sundress trying desperately to find a seat in Professor [James] McKenna's crowded Introduction to Anthropology class at Notre Dame. Still breathless from my circuitous journey from Lyons to Haggar Hall, I was unaware that such a hapless beginning had irrevocably set my feet upon the winding path toward a future in anthropology. Read More

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