Jelena Jankovic-Rankovic

Postdoctoral Fellow


B.A., University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia  
M.A. Professional, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia  
M.A., International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame
M.A., Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Notre Dame

Research and Teaching Interests

Biocultural anthropology; Migration; Displacement; Daily life; Social Practices; Neuroendocrine, immune, and inflammatory stress physiology; Mental health; Humanitarian relief and development; Research sites: Eastern Europe & East Africa


Dr. Jankovic-Rankovic is a biocultural anthropologist and her research and teaching interests include migration, displacement, social practices, daily life, and health. Her research focuses on understanding the social processes and meanings underlying routinized social practices (RSPs) and their psychobiological impacts, especially within encampment settings. She particularly considers the complex interplay of displacement, politics, and state and non-state practices of control, power, and exclusion and the dynamics of mundane, daily routines, social interactions, and lived experiences to offer new insights on biosocial processes and health. In her research, Dr. Jankovic-Rankovic combines qualitative and quantitative methods to examine how biopolitics, bureaucratic mechanisms, and humanitarian actions converge with everyday life in new and challenging socio-ecologies to impact the pathways through which social and health variability occurs. She is also particularly interested in job-related stressors of humanitarian labor, chronic occupational trauma exposure, and burnout syndrome and their implications for social functioning, resilience, and psychobiology. Dr. Jankovic Rankovic’s research has been supported by the National Science Foundation and the Open Society Foundations.

Office: 260 Corbett Family Hall