Sunghyun Park


Sunghyun Park is an anthropological archaeologist with an interest in social organization and subsistence economy in complex societies. He holds a BA and MA degree in archaeology from Chungbuk National University in Korea. During his Master’s program, he conducted research on various storage practices in the past that are often overlooked in archaeological studies. His study aimed to identify above-ground storage facilities in the Korean Bronze Age by employing a combination of architectural factors and multivariate analysis. Sunghyun has also participated in several fieldwork projects in Korea.

At Notre Dame, Sunghyun’s research centers around the intersection of food practices and social dynamics in complex societies. Specifically, he seeks to gain insight into human responses to food crises, such as food shortages, climate changes, and the collapse of food procurement systems, both in the past and future.

Research interests: Complex Societies, Social Organization Structures; Subsistence Economy; Food Insecurity; Mortuary Practices; Statistical Analysis; Spatial Analysis.