Keri Porter


Keri received their B.A. in Anthropology (2016) from the University of Texas in Austin and M.A. in Applied Anthropology (2021) from Mississippi State University. During this time, they worked on several projects including the digitization of human skeletal remains and an osteobiography of an individual from the historic Mississippi State Asylum. During the summer of 2019, they interned at the National Institute for Archaeology and Heritage (INSAP) in Rabat, Morocco working with Neolithic burials from the cave site of El Mnasra. Their master’s thesis investigated the potential application of photogrammetry for recording and analyzing antemortem cranial depression fractures found on individuals from the historic Mississippi State Asylum. They have completed archaeological fieldwork throughout the southeastern United States, Wyoming, Texas, and Ethiopia.

Keri’s research interests include bioarchaeology of the Mediterranean Basin and Near East, identity formation, structural and interpersonal violence, trauma analysis, digital bioarchaeology/paleopathology, archaeogaming, and public archaeology.