Careers in Anthropology

Worried about what you can do with a degree in Anthropology?

Don’t be!  There are many paths that people can take with an undergraduate degree in anthropology.  Check out the American Anthropological Association’s Careers in Anthropology webpage [] and the Society for Applied Anthropology's Career listings

Can I even get a job with an anthropology degree?

Yes! Check out the Occupational Outlook for anthropologists and archaeologists from the Bureau of Labor Statistics [].
Also, check out Careers in the Great Outdoors

Who can I talk to about jobs in anthropology?

  1. For up to date information on job opportunities in anthropology schedule an appointment with Dr. Eric Haanstad, Director of Undergraduate Studies, at 574-631-2308 or
  2. Contact Maureen Baska at the Career Center:
  3. For information regarding employment statistics for Notre Dame graduates, please see First Destination Data.