Class of 2010

2010 Graduating with High Honors

Summa Cum Laude
Alejandra Gutzeit; Jennifer Heil; Erin Jelm; Ryan Lash; Emily Lyons; Justin Perez; Carolynn Price; Jillian Schroeder

Magna Cum Laude
Emily Chrenlich; Cosmina Ciobanu; Mark Flannagan; Andrew Gray; Catherine Haara; Caitlin Harrington; Tracy Jennings; Jennifer Knapp; Ted Lee; Adam Miller; Alexander Miranda; Stacey Moon; Laura Moore-Shay; Kerry Pecho; Michelle Stein; Ayslinn Tice; Samantha Williams; Jennifer Zubyk

Cum Laude
Christine Andrews; Elizabeth Dilla; Katrina Epperson; Caroline Hawes; Ka-wai Ho; Julie La Ville; Michael Perry; Diana Retter; Gwendolyn Rugg; Daniel Smith; Michayla Sullivan

2010 Honor Societies

Academic Honor Society of Phi Beta Kappa – Mark Flanagan, Tracy Jennings, Jennifer Knapp, Ryan Lash, Emily Lyons, Stacey Moon, Kerry Pecho, Justin Perez, Carolynn Price, Jillian Schroeder, Michelle Stein, Jennifer Zubyk.

Anthropology Honor Society of Lambda Alpha – Elizabeth Benson, Melissa Beseda, Claire Brown, Emily Chrnelich, Cosmina Ciobanu, Kevin Danchisko, Elizabeth Dilla, Katrina Epperson, Katherine Fitzpatrick, Mark Flanagan, Elizabeth Grace, Kathryn Gradecki, Caitlin Harrington, Caroline Hawes, Amber Herkey, Demetria Hueth, Ryan Lash, Emily Lyons, Collin McCabe, Laura Moore-Shay, Michael Narvaez, Claire Naus, Elizabeth Olveda, Justin Perez, Michael Perry, Carolynn Price, Thomas Robertson, Carolyn Rumer, Jillian Schroeder, Ayslinn Tice, Carly Torres, Jennifer Zubyk.

English Honor Society of Sigma Tau Delta - Emily Lyons

German Language Honor Society of Delta Phi Alpha - Demetria Hueth

History Honor Society of Phi Alpha Theta - Jennifer Zubyk

Spanish Language Honor Society of Sigma Delta Pi - Kerry Pecho

Business Honor Society of Beta Gamma Sigma - Erin Jelm

Architecture Honor Society of Tau Sigma Delta - Alejandra Gutzeit

2010 National Awards

Gates Cambridge Scholarship - Ryan Lash

Fulbright Research and Study Grant - Jennifer Knapp

NSEP Boren Scholarship - Justin Perez

2010 University Awards within the Department of Anthropology

The Peter Brown Professional Achievement Award- To the anthropology student with outstanding performance in the tasks of a professional academic in one or more of the following arenas: publication, presentation at professional meetings, grants, fellowships. The recipient for 2010 was Ayslinn Tice.

The Roberto DaMatta Excellence in Anthropology Award - To all students who achieve a 4.0 in the anthropology major. The recipients for 2010 were Erin Jelm, Ryan Lash, and Carolynn Price.

The Paul Farmer Public Anthropology Award - This award recognizes the student who has used their anthropological training for public service. In 2010 the recipient was Jennifer Knapp.

The David Huffman Scholar/Athlete Award- This award is presented to students with outstanding performance in the anthropology major and in athletics. In 2010, the recipient was Samantha Williams.

Raymond W. Murray, C.S.C. Award in Anthropology - Each year the department honors our top graduating senior for exemplary work in anthropology with this college award. In 2010, the honored student was Ryan Lash.

The Irwin Press Prize in Medical Anthropology - Established in 2001 by emeritus faculty Irwin Press, this award recognizes the best paper in medical anthropology submitted by a graduating senior. The recipients for 2010 were Brendan Durr, Mark Flanagan, Jennifer Heil, Jonathan Lopez, and MacKenzie Nunez for a co-authored paper.

The Julian Samora Award - This award is presented to an outstanding senior majoring in anthropology. In 2010, the recipient was Justin Perez.

2010 Other University Awards

Activity and Service Awards

Citation of Merit - Caitlin Harrington, Emily Lyons, Adam Miller, and Crystalia Sulaiman

The Reverend John Considine, MM Award - Jennifer Knapp

The Mara Fox Award for Service to the Hispanic Community - Kerry Pecho

In the College of Arts and Letters

The Dr. Robert Joseph Barnet Award - Carolynn Price

The Peter Brown Professional Achievement Award - Ayslinn Tice

The John E. Burke Award - Catherine Haara

The Helen Hritzu and Jewell Erickson Award - Tracy Jennings

John J. Kennedy Prize for Latin American Studies - Justin Perez

Michel Prize in Medieval Studies - Ryan Lash

The Julian Samora Award - Justin Perez

Senior Recognition Award in Psychology - Jennifer Heil

The Peter Yarrow Award in Peace Studies - Jennifer Knapp

In the College of Science

Outstanding Biological Scientist - Michelle Stein

In the College of Engineering

Dr. Raymond C. Gutschick Award - Laura Moore-Shay

In the School of Architecture

The Henry Adams Medal and Certificate - Alejandra Gutzeit

The Noel Blank Design Award - Alejandra Gutzeit