Class of 2018

2018 Lambda Alpha

Anthropology Honor Society of Lambda Alpha, Beta Chapter of Indiana Molly Chen, Mary Conklin, Elizabeth Lawler, Maya Lewis, Elizabeth McGough, Candice Park, Katherine Portman, Emily Schoenbauer, Emily Vincent, Margaret Walsh, and Matthew Williams.

2018 University Awards within the Department of Anthropology

The Irwin Press Paper Award in Medical Anthropology - Established in 2001 by emeritus faculty Irwin Press, this award recognizes the best paper in medical anthropology submitted by a graduating senior. The recipient for 2018 was Elizabeth McGough. The title of her paper was "Examining Factors That Impede Dental Health Among Minority Populations in South Bend, Indiana”.

Father Murray Integrative Anthropology Paper Award- Anthropology is the study of the human, writ large. But it is too often divided into a multitude of discreet ways to think about the human experience. Integrative anthropology is a broad-scale and generous anthropology, where diverse theoretical and methodological toolkits have the potential to merge, meld, deviate, and entangle. Papers in this area can cross traditional boundaries and draw from a range of different areas of scholarship in their efforts to develop a fuller, even if sometimes messier, understanding of being and becoming human. The recipient for 2018 was Candice Park. The title of her paper was “Analysis of Stable Isotopes and Social Variables within a New Delhi Population”.

The David Huffman Scholar/Athlete Award- This award is presented to students with outstanding performance in the anthropology major and in athletics. In 2018 the recipient was Samantha Zepponi (soccer).

The Julian Samora Award - This award is presented to an outstanding senior  who has demonstrated broad engagement with academic life. In 2018 the recipient was Katie Portman.

The Peter Brown Professional Achievement Award- To the anthropology student with outstanding performance in the tasks of a professional academic in one or more of the following arenas: publication, presentation at professional meetings, grants, fellowships. The recipient for 2018 was  Asha Barnes.