Courses Usually Offered

ANTH 10109  Introduction to Anthropology

ANTH 10195  Introduction to Anthropology Honors

ANTH 10209 Humankind Unplugged

ANTH 13181  Social Science--University Seminar

ANTH 20023  Introduction to Irish Folklore (IRLL)

ANTH 20024 Mysteries, Frauds, and Pseudoscience

ANTH 20100  Human Origins and Evolution

ANTH 20105  Introduction to Human Ethology

ANTH 20111  Anthropology of Human Sexuality

ANTH 20201 (Formerly 30101)  Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology

ANTH 20202 (Formerly 30102)  Fundamentals of Archaeology

ANTH 20203 (Formerly 30103)  Fundamentals of Social and Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 20204 (Formerly 30104)  Fundamentals of Linguistic Anthropology

ANTH 20305  Political Anthropology

ANTH 20320  Introduction to International Development Studies

ANTH 20340  Anthropology for the 21st Century

ANTH 20350  Chinese Society and Culture

ANTH 20360  Societies and Cultures of Latin America

ANTH 20380  Anthropology of Gender

ANTH 20390  Societies and Cultures of Africa

ANTH 20503  Archaeology: Myths and Facts

ANTH 20510  Origins of Human Civilization

ANTH 20520  Archaeology of Eygpt

ANTH 20540  Ancient Cities and States

ANTH 20550  Archaeology of Ancient Palestine

ANTH 20592 Legacies of the Southwest

ANTH 20701 Latinos in American Society (ILS)

ANTH 22360  Societies and Cultures of Latin America Discussion

ANTH 30001  Mesoamerican Art: Olmec& Their Legacy (ARHI)

ANTH 30012  Creole Language and Culture (ILS)

ANTH 30150  Primate Conservation

ANTH 30160  Anthropology of Race

ANTH 30190  Infancy: Evolution, History, and Development

ANTH 30325  People, Environment, and Justice

ANTH 30330  Religion, Myth and Magic

ANTH 30390  European Cultures and Societies

ANTH 30395  Russian Realms: Societies/Cultures of Eastern Europe & Beyond

ANTH 30580  Forager/Farmer Transition

ANTH 30590  Prehistory of Eastern North America

ANTH 30591  Prehistory of Western North America

ANTH 30592  Legacies of the U.S. Southwest

ANTH 30610  Kinship and Comparative Social Organization

ANTH 35106  Primate Behavior

ANTH 35110  Primate Behavior and Ecology

ANTH 35210  Health, Healing and Culture

ANTH 35250  Cultural Aspects of Clinical Medicine

ANTH 35340  Anthropology of Globalization

ANTH 35350  Anthropology of Africa

ANTH 35360  Immigration in Global Perspective

ANTH 35370  New Media

ANTH 35582  Archaeology of Ireland

ANTH 35588  Archaeology Field School

ANTH 40016  Folklore, Literature, and Irish National Identity (IRLL)

ANTH 40084  Structural Violence: The Underbelly of Conflict (IIPS)

ANTH 40110  Humans as Subjects

ANTH 40140  Forensic Anthropology

ANTH 40319  Anthropology of Multiculturalisms

ANTH 40330  War and the US

ANTH 40333  Gender and Violence

ANTH 40355  Race, Ethnicity, and Power

ANTH 40400  Perspectives in Anthropological Analysis

ANTH 40805  Humans and the Global Environment

ANTH 40808  Genes, Human Culture, and the Environment

ANTH 40810  Human Diversity

ANTH 40811  Molecular Revolution

ANTH 40815  Advanced Perspectives on Human Evolution

ANTH 40820  Evolutionary Medicine

ANTH 40825  Gender and Health

ANTH 40830  Transnational Societies and Cultures

ANTH 40840  Person, Self and Body

ANTH 40855  Cultural Difference and Social Change

ANTH 40860  Genocide, Witness and Memory

ANTH 40855 The Cult of Personality: Investigating Political Charisma

ANTH 40870  Indian Ocean: Trade and Interaction

ANTH 40875  Archaeology of South Asia

ANTH 40880  Household Archaeology

ANTH 40885  Environmental Archaeology

ANTH 40890  Archaeology of Death

ANTH 40894  Anthropology of Death

ANTH 40895  The World at 1200

ANTH 44810  Patterns & Contexts of Human-Monkey Interactions on Gibraltar

ANTH 45030  Mexican Immigration: A South Bend Case Study (ILS)

ANTH 45105  Advanced Human Ethology

ANTH 45200  Evolutionary Medicine

ANTH 45308  Native North American Art

ANTH 45339 Cutures of Fear: Horror Film

ANTH 45390  Ethnographic Method and Writing for Change

ANTH 45510  Historical Archaeology

ANTH 45520  Gender and Archaeology

ANTH 45810  Molecular Methods in Anthropology

ANTH 45817  Human Osteology

ANTH 45818  NSF/REU Summer Biocultural Research Program

ANTH 45820  Researching Disease: Methods in Medical Anthropology

ANTH 45826  Anthropology of Reproduction

ANTH 45832  Anthropology of War and Peace

ANTH 45833  Global Crime and Corruption

ANTH 45836  Writing Ethnography

ANTH 45838  Ethnography of Notre Dame

ANTH 45842  Doing Things with Words

ANTH 45850  Archaeology of Everyday Life

ANTH 45851  Space, Place, and Landscape

ANTH 45852 Visualizing Histories: The Lost Stories of 19th Century Indiana Barns

ANTH 45855  Archaeology and Material Culture

ANTH 45856  Pottery in Archaeology

ANTH 45857  Archaeological Materials Analysis: Lithic Technology

ANTH 45860  Food and Culture

ANTH 45862  Anthropology of Emotion

ANTH 45865  Anthropology of Childhood and Education

ANTH 45870  Terrorism

ANTH 45875  Anthropology of Poverty

ANTH 46xxx  (Various readings courses)

ANTH 47110 Bioarchaeology

ANTH 48900  Anthropology Senior Thesis

ANTH 48xxx  (Various research courses and theses)

ANTH 60141 Language and Power

ANTH 60201 Orientations to Biological Anthropology

ANTH 60202 Orientations to Anthropological Archaeology

ANTH 60203 Orientations to Sociocultural Anthropology

ANTH 60204 Orientations to Linguistic Anthropology

ANTH 60210  Health, Healing, and Culture

ANTH 60330 Religion, Myth and Magic

ANTH 60344 Disaster, Relief, and Development

ANTH 60355  Race, Ethnicity, and Power

ANTH 65339 Cultures of Fear: Horror Film

ANTH 65360 Immigration Global Perspective

ANTH 65390 Ethnographic Methods and Writing

ANTH 65520 Anthropology of Everyday Life

ANTH 65588  Archaeology Field School

ANTH 65800  Pottery in Archaeology

ANTH 65817 Human Osteology

ANTH 65842  Doing Things with Words

ANTH 65865 Anthropology of Childhood and Education

ANTH 65875  Anthropology of Poverty

ANTH 66xxx  Directed Readings in:
66100: Biological Anthropology
66110: Bioarchaeology
66200: Medical Anthropology
66300: Sociocultural Anthropology
66400: Linguistic Anthropology
66500: Archaeology

Intensive independent readings on a special problem area in the chosen field about which the student will be expected to produce a detailed annotated bibliography and write a scholarly paper.

ANTH 67110 Bioarchaeology

ANTH 68xxx  Directed Research in:
68100: Biological Anthropology
68110: Bioarchaeology
68120: Sleep Lab
68200: Medical Anthropology
68300: Sociocultural Anthropology
68400: Linguistic Anthropology
68500: Archaeology

Intensive independent research on a special problem area in the chosen field about which the student will be expected to produce a detailed annotated bibliography and write a scholarly paper.