Undergraduate Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my advisor?

You can find your advisor by logging into InsideND.  Just click on the "Student Academic" tab and click on the "GPS" (Graduation Progress) box. Your advisor should be listed in the "Student View" section.  If your advisor is not listed please contact our Administrative Assistant, Eileen Barany.

When is my advisor available for office hours?

Each advisor's office hours are listed below their contact information on the Faculty and Staff page.

Where do I declare the anthropology major, honors major, or minor?

 Please visit with our Director of Undergraduate Studies in 296 Corbett Family Hall to make a declaration.

What are the requirements for the anthropology major, honors major, or minor?  

View the requirements webpage.

How do I get study abroad approval?  

Please pick up a green "Approval for Study Abroad" form from the handout rack opposite 296 Corbett Family Hall and then go see the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  You can also download the form here.

How do I find a summer opportunity, such as an internship or field school?  

Visit our Internship webpage to direct you to additional experiences.

Where do I get my PIN for registration?  

First majors will get your PIN from your advisor. For students abroad, you do not need a PIN to register.

How do I learn more about graduate school?

Students can visit with their advisor or the Director of Undergraduate Studies.