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Archaeology at Old Collage, Excavations at Middle Grant Creek and Dept. Archaeological Field School

Professor Mark Schurr will be conducting two archaeology digs in Summer 2017. There are opportunities for students to participate as volunteers (not for credit), for directed research credit (variable, typically 1 credit per week), or possibly for archaeology field school credit.
Archaeology at Old College
We will be digging by the Old College on the Notre Dame campus from June 26 to July 7 as part of the Summer Scholars program for high school students.  We will be doing historical archaeology, looking for evidence of old buildings that once stood in the area.  
Excavations at Middle Grant Creek
From July 17 to August 11, we will be excavating at the Middle Grant Creek site in the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie as part of the Kankakee Protohistory Project  We commute daily from the Notre Dame campus but participants who live in the Chicago area could provide their own transportation.
Dr. Schurr
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The Archaeology of Ancestral Pueblo Villages (Mesa Verde National Park) Contact Dr. Glowacki directly at

Dr. Glowacki

Early January
Cultural Landscape of the Irish Coast Contact Dr. Kuijt directly at Dr. Kuijt
Early January