Irish Archaeology

Irish Archaeology Field School (Ireland)

May 28 - August 31, 2012 (various lengths)
Irish Archaeology Field School

You will learn tried and tested archaeological techniques with a very heavy emphasis on robust and rigorous recording methodologies, both paper- and computer-based, principles and practice of planning and site photography, and all methods of excavation.

We will also provide you with an introduction to more sophisticated techniques as part of the course, including GPS topographical survey, geophysics, post-excavation analysis and more. In addition to the archaeological excavations, an extensive programme of cultural activities is on offer, including tours of historic sites, folklore, language, music, food and more.

The IAFS 2012 research programme will focus on archaeological excavations at Blackfriary, Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland. The programme will run over a fourteen week period from the 28th May to the 31st August 2012. You can attend for any length of time, from a week to sixteen weeks. Students seeking transferrable college credits may earn ECTS credits on successful completion of a minimum of two weeks on site (e.g. two weeks participation earns 5 ECTS credits equates to 3 US semester units; 4 weeks = 10 ECTS = 6 US).