Student Stories

In Tanzania, anthropology major spends summer asking questions and finding answers

Author: Ashley Lo

When summer comes, Notre Dame students travel around the world — to build their language and cultural skills, undertake independent research, and explore career options — growing intellectually and emotionally along the way.  With funding from a wide range of sources, three Arts and Letters students spent last summer researching racism in Paris, interning at the U.S. Embassy in Benin, and speaking Swahili on the streets of Tanzania. Deadlines for applications for summer research, internship, and language immersion funding are fast approaching, with some due at the end of January.

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Cool Classes: Martial Arts and Popular Culture

Author: Nicole White '19

Bare feet slapped on the hardwood floor and students watched their reflections in the mirrored walls as Lindsay McCray ’20 commanded the attention of Rockne Memorial Gymnasium’s Room 109. 


Fitted in a spotless white suit, black belt tied tight around her waist, McCray was there in her role as president of the Notre Dame Mixed Martial Arts Club. The students before her were there on a field trip. Their class? Martial Arts and Popular Culture.…

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For anthropology major Grace Garvey, exploring other disciplines is key to research success

Author: Hailey Oppenlander

Grace Garvey’s academic curiosity isn’t confined to one subject area. Her interest in human migration manifests in all sorts of different disciplines. She’s an anthropology major who is working closely with an American studies professor on her senior thesis. For her capstone project in the Hesburgh Program in Public Service, she partnered with an economics major. And her coursework while studying abroad in Ireland focused on global perspectives on migration and archaeology. “The world isn't just one discipline — it's a nexus of all these different studies,” she said. “So a liberal arts education is more realistic to the type of knowledge that you need to have moving forward when you graduate.”

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Kellogg International Scholar Pursues Career in Public Health

Author: Anthropology Dept.

Smith Oka Oconnell 005

The summer after her sophomore year at the University of Notre Dame, Lauren O’Connell ’18 found herself working in a hamlet in the Peruvian Amazon so small it couldn’t even be found on a map.

With no cars and just a few dozen families, it was a far cry from the large Atlanta suburb where she grew up. But her study of the region’s medicinal plants – through an Experiencing the World (ETW)

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From studying monkey fur to analyzing dietary patterns in India, anthropology research proves formative for senior

Author: Carrie Gates

In anthropology, “snowball sampling” refers to growing the number of participants in a research study by asking subjects to refer friends and acquaintances. For senior Candice Park, it was her research experiences at Notre Dame that snowballed, as each opportunity led her to the next — culminating in her senior thesis for the Department of Anthropology.

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Anthropology Major to Present at the 2018 Human Development Conference

Author: Eric Haanstad

Lauren O’Connell, a senior Anthropology major will present her paper entitled “Envuelto en Estrés (Wrapped in Stress): Health Decision Making and Tobacco Use Among Medical Students in Puebla, Mexico” at the 2018 Human Development Conference (HDC) at the University of Notre Dame, February 23-24. O’Connell was selected through a competitive process with entries from universities around the country and the world.

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