Teaching Clusters

Business Anthropology

Focuses on the study of corporations, development, business media, global economics, transnational exchange, and trade networks and the cultural dimensions of consumption.

Brochure for the business anthropology research and teaching cluster

  • Maurizio Albahari immigration and its political economy; international relations
  • Christopher Ball political economy of language, possession and exchange, Amazonian development
  • Susan Blum education and economics, food production and consumption
  • Alex Chavez music consumption, immigration, and Latinas/os in the United States
  • Meredith Chesson material culture, consumption, socioeconomic inequality, and heritage studies
  • Donna Glowacki archaeology of development, sustainability, and exchange
  • Mark Golitko social networks, human-environment systems, archaeometry, social network analysis
  • Eric Haanstad global media, transnational security, organizational culture, and cultural marketing
  • Ian Kuijt social inequality, historical and archaeological trade networks, visual production
  • Rahul Oka development, economics, trade and exchange, network analysis, poverty

Health and Culture

Focuses on the study of medical anthropology, biological anthropology, multispecies ethnography, health and culture, and science and technology studies.

Brochure for the health and culture research and teaching cluster

  • Susan Blum sustainability and food, wellbeing, childhood and education, global justice
  • Catherine Bolten human-animal entanglements, global health, food and ecological security
  • Tracie Canada anthropology of sport, African-American ethnography, institutions of higher education
  • Lee Getler biological anthropology, neurobiology, behavioral endocrinology, reproductive physiology
  • Cara Ocobock human biology, biological anthropology, energetics, ecological physiology, thermoregulation
  • Mark Schurr stable isotope analysis, archaeological chemistry, human adaptation
  • Susan Sheridan biological anthropology, diet and disease, health and adaptation
  • Vania Smith-Oka medical anthropology, globalization & health, ethnomedicine, anthropology of reproduction

Anthropological Sciences

Childhood, Families, and Learning

Development, Violence, and Peace

Evolutionary Anthropology and Health

Social Complexity, Identity, and Power

Ritual, Belief, Practice, and Meaning