Strong a(s) F(eminist) Conference

(part of a series)

Location: Corbett Family Hall

The University of Notre Dame will be hosting the Strong a(s) F(eminist) Conference this coming Fall (October 25 and 26). This conference is organized and supported by the departments of Anthropology, Sociology, Gender Studies, American Studies, the Reilly Center, and Notre Dame Athletics
The goal of this conference is to address a wide variety of issues relating to the role of gender in sports using a diversity of voices and range of disciplines. While this conference will host 10 visiting scholars, we would like to incorporate the excellent scholarship on sport and gender being done at the University of Notre Dame. The public portions of this conference will include a "Strong A(s) F(eminist)" flash talk and panel discussion session and the “Reclaiming Physical Culture: Moving Through Our Questions” interactive installment that will encourage presenters and attendees to take part in physical movements such as weightlifting while working through questions of identity and embodiment in sport.
We invite members of the University of Notre Dame community to submit abstracts to present at the flash talk session and/or the interactive installment.
A full description of the conference and visiting scholars, details about the sessions, and abstract instructions can be found here. Abstracts can be submitted here.
Abstracts are due Wednesday, September 15.
Please forward this call to any interested University of Notre Dame departments and scholars.
Thank you for your time and interest in what will be a timely and unique conference!