Major, Minor & Honors Requirements

Major Requirements

The major sequence requires a minimum of 30 credits. There are no initial prerequisites.

  • Anthropology 20201, 20202, 20203, and 20204 comprise the "fundamentals." Majors are required to take two of the four fundamentals.
  • Perspectives in Anthropological Analysis (ANTH 40400).
  • Methods Course: Methods courses introduce students to the theoretical and analytical aspects of how anthropologists ask questions and produce knowledge by providing structured opportunities for hands-on applications of those aspects.  Students are guided through the process of project design, selection of appropriate methods, analysis of results, and the production of a final product.  In this way, students are immersed in an experiential learning environment that allows them to think critically about an issue and employ the methods used by professional anthropologists in a meaningful fashion.
  • Students are further required to select 18 credit hours of electives, including 6 credits at the 40000 level.
  • Both 30000-level and 40000-level courses normally require one fundamental course as a prerequisite.
  • Transfer credit, study abroad programs, and field schools must be approved in writing on a “Course Approval Form” available in the departmental office or through a Study Abroad eform. A maximum of 6 credit hours may be used for study abroad and transfer courses combined. A maximum of 6 credits will be allowed for field school. Filling out the form(s) before taking the course(s) is required and exceptions will only be made after consultation with the DUS.
  • Transfer credit for courses in "fundamentals" or "methods" will be accepted with approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies.
  • It is recommended that students take the fundamentals by the end of their sophomore year, whereas ANTH 40400 is usually taken as a junior or senior.

Courses taken for pass-fail credit will not satisfy requirements for the major, the honors major, or the minor.

Download a summary and checklist of the requirements.

Minor Requirements

The minor requires 15 credit hours. There are no prerequisites. Students must take two of the four fundamentals: ANTH 20201, 20202, 20203, and/or 20204. In addition, students must take nine credits of electives.

Honors Track Requirements

The honors track sequence requires a minimum of 36 credits. In addition to the requirements noted for the major, the honors track student must also take an additional methods course and a senior thesis or equivalent, which takes place in the senior year.

Students are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor to refine project ideas, develop research designs, prepare grant proposals (as appropriate), and attend to other details related to the honors track sequence.

You may formally declare an anthropology honors track major (ANTH-HONS) any time up through the second week of your final semester. If you declare after the final deadline, the honors designation may not appear on your transcript, even if you complete all other requirements. A minimum anthropology grade point average of 3.5 or faculty recommendation with vote of the department is required.