Major Requirements

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The major sequence requires a minimum of 30 credits. Anthropology Majors can also join the honors track. There are no initial prerequisites.

  • Anthropology Majors are required to take two of four Fundamentals courses: ANTH 20201, 10202/20202, 10203/20203, and 10204/20204
  • ANTH 40400 Perspectives in Anthropological Analysis (usually taken as a junior, which is recommended by students, or as a senior)
  • An Anthropology Methods course (any course with the ANME attribute) for hands-on application of anthropological theory and analysis
  • 18 credit hours of ANTH electives, including 6 credits at the 40000 level
    • Any ANTH course, including ANTH cross-listed courses with other departments, can be applied to electives
    • A maximum of 6-9 credit hours may be applied from study abroad and transfer courses
    • Transfer credit for courses in "Fundamentals" or "Methods" can be reviewed for approval by the director of undergraduate studies

Courses taken for pass-fail credit will not satisfy requirements for the major, the honors major, or the minor.

Download a summary and checklist of the requirements.

Minor Requirements

The anthropology minor requires 15 credit hours. There are no prerequisites.

  • Anthropology Minors are required to take two of four Fundamentals courses: ANTH 20201, 10202/20202, 10203/20203, and 10204/20204
  • 9 credits of ANTH electives

Honors Track Requirements

The honors track sequence requires a minimum of 36 credits.

  • In addition to the requirements noted for the major, the honors track student must also take an additional methods course and a senior thesis or equivalent.
  • Students are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor to refine project ideas, develop research designs, prepare grant proposals (as appropriate).
  • You may declare an Anthropology Honors Track, ideally by the first semester of senior year, or at the latest by the add deadline of your final semester.
  • A minimum anthropology grade point average of 3.5 or faculty recommendation with vote of the department is required.


Please contact Prof. Eric Haanstad, Director of Undergraduate Studies, for questions on requirements or to add an anthropology major, minor, or honors track. 

Email Prof. Eric Haanstad