Graduate minors

Along with the anthropology Ph.D., the University of Notre Dame offers the following graduate minors and certificates that can enhance your studies and expand your career possibilities:

Screen Cultures

Students minoring in Screen Cultures will acquire tools specific to the interdisciplinary study of Screen Cultures. These include theoretical perspectives and methods of research and writing in film/media studies and encompass cinematic, televisual, and new media modes of production and reception, aesthetics, history, and discourses. 

History & Philosophy of Science

A graduate minor in History & Philosophy of Science (HPS) provides students with the opportunity to develop skills and perspectives that enable them to analyze the many roles that science and technology play in the modern world. Training in the HPS Graduate Minor Program will therefore promote graduate students’ abilities to be thoughtful citizens, scholars, and policy-makers as science, technology, and medicine shape contemporary life ever more deeply.

Gender Studies

The main goal of the Gender Studies graduate minor is to train students in the interdisciplinary field of study focused on gender and sexuality and their intersections with other identity categories, including race, ethnicity, class, age, ability, nationality, and religion. Pursuing a Gender Studies graduate minor is an excellent way for students to delve deeper into gender-centered interdisciplinary research, as well as to become part of a large, cross-campus community of scholars involved in research, teaching, service, activism, and programming related to gender and sexuality. 

Peace Studies

The Peace Studies graduate minor gives students access to classes taught by core faculty members at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, who are among the premier scholars in the field. For doctoral students, combining concentrated coursework in peace studies with their primary discipline can enhance their scholarship and expand their professional options.

Irish Studies

Many graduate students choose to earn a graduate minor in Irish Studies. The Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies offers its graduate minors generous support for research, travel, and attendance at conferences in the United States and abroad.