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Our Ph.D. in Anthropology is a 5-year program designed to enable you to spend a major part of your graduate work on your chosen specialties. As a doctoral candidate, you will follow a trajectory of study in methods and theory, based on the sub-fields of Anthropology, with flexible laboratory, language, and field training depending upon perceived need and as determined by your individual research agenda. 

During your first two years of study, you will take your required courses and you will present your research at the end of each spring semester. 

In the fall of your third year, you will take your comprehensive examinations and prepare a formal dissertation proposal that is suitable for submission to an external funding agency. The dissertation and oral defense are the final steps in the Ph.D. requirements.


  • Expected time to degree is 5 years
  • A total of 60 credit hours:
    • 36 credits (minimum) in required course work:
      • 4 Sub-Disciplinary Orientations courses (12 credits)
      • Research Design in Anthropology course (3 credits)
      • 7 elective courses (21 credits)
      • 24 credits: Seminars, courses in other departments, language coursework, methods, statistics, fieldwork, laboratory work, writing thesis in later years
  • Annual assessments, with serious scrutiny at the completion of Year 1
  • Comprehensive written exams during Year 3
  • Yearly conference participation, submission of internal and external grants
  • Successful completion of Teaching Apprenticeship (1 course on pedagogy, 2 terms as TA), in conjunction with the Kaneb Center and Anthropology faculty
  • Completion of Professional Development Curriculum, in conjunction with the Career Center and the Graduate School
  • Presentation of dissertation proposal during Year 3
  • Completion of dissertation in Year 5
  • Defense of dissertation in Year 5

Note: Students in the Kroc Peace Studies and Anthropology Joint Ph.D. are required to complete the above in addition to the Peace Studies requirements.

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