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Students in our undergraduate program explore holistic approaches to understanding humankind through anthropology, the most humanistic discipline of the sciences and the most scientific discipline of the humanities. Anthropology majors and minors access cultural, biological, linguistic, and archeological perspectives that are globally needed in nearly every career path. Through engaging coursework, transnational fieldwork, and laboratory or independent research they create local and global experiences as students that are immediately applicable to widespread career success.

In classes, the Anthropology Club, internships, collaborations on faculty research, graduate mentorship, and independent research, students receive a well-rounded grounding in the entire range of the field of anthropology.

  • Our alumni and alumnae work in international agencies, governmental or non-governmental organizations, higher educational institutions, independent consulting firms, and global corporations, showing how an anthropology major or minor signals value to a wide variety of job markets. Employers recognize our students' ability to work with and among people. They know anthropology students are able to navigate the complexity of human experiences and can integrate the countless skills they learned as anthropology students, including observant participation, focused interviewing, data analysis, critical engagement, language fluency, and holistic approaches to organizations. Anthropology is valuable beyond measure.

  • Anthropology majors and minors can join two new research and teaching clusters linked to our fastest growing career fields: 1) Health + Culture, which includes medical anthropology, bioanthropology, and science & technology studies and 2) Business + Anthropology, which includes global trade, cultural marketing, and design anthropology. As a current example, the interaction between design and anthropology is one of the hottest career trends, and anthropology majors are in demand as user experience specialists in technology companies, independent consultants for NGOs, and qualitative researchers for global organizations. The American Anthropological Association's career page and recent anthropology careers video is another excellent resource for updates, stories, and statistics on cutting-edge career paths for anthropology students.

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Questions about the major? Visit our frequently asked questions page or contact Professor Eric J. Haanstad, Director of Undergraduate Studies, at 574-631-2308 or EJHaanstad@nd.edu.