Anthropology student doing fieldwork in Chulolon

Research can help anthropology students prepare for graduate or professional school or gain experience that will prove valuable in any career path.

The Department of Anthropology strongly encourages undergraduate student research and offers many opportunities to explore collaborative learning and direct engagement. With support from faculty mentors, our students pursue innovative research projects in the classroom, laboratory, and field.

Independent Research and Senior Thesis

Undergraduate students can pursue independent or directed research that can lead to the senior thesis projects. These research opportunities are an excellent way for anthropology students to explore their own interests through the experience and excitement of conducting independent, original research. Anthropology students can also publish their research by submitting their work and working on the editorial team for the Anthrocentric research journal.


Notre Dame offers generous support for students who want to pursue anthropological research. Our faculty advisors, including the Director of Undergraduate Studies, work closely with anthropology students to develop fundable research proposals and to plan senior thesis projects. Our students can also get financial and logistical research support from an array of campus centers and institutes that offer workshops, advising, presentation opportunities, and grants. These resources include:

Field Schools

In addition to the Field Schools announced each year in the Anthropological Opportunities Digest, the American Anthropological Association also offers a searchable list of field schools in the US and around the world.

New Summer Notre Dame Archaeology Field School opportunity from June 6, 2022 through June 24, 2022!

Lab Research

Anthropology students can work with renowned anthropologists on their research projects in the field, lab, and beyond.

Student Anthropology Research Forum

Each year, anthropology majors, minors, and honors students can participate in a multi-media reception and poster presentation and that highlights original undergraduate research and emphasizes the diverse and rich academic environment in Notre Dame Anthropology. This annual Student Anthropology Research Forum is an excellent way to gain experience presenting research and a unique showcase for our premiere undergraduate program.