Anthrocentric Undergraduate Journal

Welcome to the home page of Anthrocentric, the University of Notre Dame's premier undergraduate journal of anthropology!

The journal is an amazing opportunity to publish your work and to gain professional experience by working on the editorial board.

Anthrocentric will be accepting submissions for its 2022 edition in fall and spring semester. Submissions can be made on the submissions form available later during the academic year. Contact for updates!


Anthrocentric is a collaborative, interactive undergraduate journal that showcases cross-disciplinary research and critical application of methodologies seeking to understand what it means to be human. The journal envisions four primary goals:

  1.  Facilitate a scholarly dialogue between all levels of undergraduate students applying cross-disciplinary approaches of anthropology to coursework and fieldwork
  2.  Provide a venue for undergraduate students to engage with the process of publishing an article or thesis
  3.  Showcase exceptional work of undergraduate students to increase awareness of anthropology's rewards, challenges, and perspectives
  4.  Increase interaction between undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty through collaborative publication and dialogue

Anthrocentric is unique from other undergraduate journals because it encourages cross-disciplinary scholarship at all levels of undergraduate study rather than confining dialogue to specific, rigidly defined subfields.


Editor-in-chief: Emma Ackerley 

Editorial Board: Alina Peterson, Jessica Staggs, Jiaqi Lu, Sophie Chorek, Elizabeth Hughes, Natalie Truscott

Past Issues