Volume I

Anthrocentric Volume 1

This volume includes the following student submissions: 

Videography and Photography related to this issue:

Perspectives in Anthropological Analysis, Fall 2015, taught by Dr. Carolyn Nordstrom. 

Drawing from anthropological theory, we have created a video series trying to answer the question: What defines our generation? We focused on how technology has shaped our identity and interactions as a generation.

"Word Connectivity: Building or Breaking Barriers?" by Nicole Thieken, Steven Goicoechea & Kathleen Driscoll

"The Google Generation" by Victoria Sluka, Molly Iott, Thomas Rieth & Gary George

"Millennials: Verbal vs. Written Meaning" by Sabrina Lichon, Kevin Smith & Connor Velasco

"#BeyondTheBox" by Kim Bauer, Grace Linczer & Gabrielle Rogoff

"Millennials: 'Friend Me' First" by Anne Kuster, Annalee Kuse & Anna Coppola