Study Abroad

The Department of Anthropology encourages our majors and minors to participate in three exceptionally strong study abroad programs because they have excellent anthropology and archaeology departments. The three programs include Cairo, Dublin, and Perth. For these three programs only, students will be allowed to use nine credits towards their anthropology major or minor, rather than the usual six credits.

In addition, we have designated one course in each program as fulfilling a Fundamentals requirement:

  • Cairo: ANTH 34033 Cultural Anthropology (equivalent to ANTH 20203 formerly 30103)
  • Dublin: ANTH 34022 Exploring Archaeology (equivalent to ANTH 20202 formerly 30102)
  • Perth: ANTH 34034 Being Human: Culture, Identity, and Society (equivalent to ANTH 20203 formerly 30103)

Visit Notre Dame International to learn more.

How to prepare to study abroad

Students, please plan to attend one of the study abroad workshops with Prof. Eric Haanstad to determine if your international study can be approved and to help determine which study abroad programs are most appropriate for your personal and professional needs. The dates and times of the workshops can be found on the Events tab.

All students who plan to study abroad must visit with Prof. Haanstad and their advising dean in the Arts and Letters Office of Undergraduate Studies (104 O'Shaughnessy). Students must call their advising dean's office no later than Friday, September 24th to schedule an appointment. Students who do not meet with Prof. Haanstad AND a dean will not be approved to study abroad, so plan accordingly.

Please note: The Department will not evaluate a course for anthropology credit if:

  • A syllabus or equivalent is not provided; and
  • It is not an anthropology course or
  • It is not taught by an anthropologist