Faculty and Staff

Regular Faculty



Maurizio Albahari

Associate Professor

PhD University of California at Irvine

Research Interests: Migration and refugee mobility; sovereignty, democracy, and human rights; citizenship, cities, and aesthetics; pluralism and religion in public life; epistemology. Italy, the Euro-Mediterranean region, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Contact: (574) 631-7759  malbahar@nd.edu
Office hours: By appointment on Zoom, M-F 9am-5pm


Christopher Ball

Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies

PhD University of Chicago

Research Interests: Language, semiotics of culture, politics of communication, ritual, discourse and interaction, grammatical categories and thought, indigeneity, Amazonia, Japan.

Contact: (574) 631-6993  Christopher.G.Ball.44@nd.edu
Office hours: Zoom Mon 12:00-2:00p and Wed 1:00-3:00p


Susan D. Blum


PhD University of Michigan

Research Interests:  Cultural, linguistic, psychological, and educational anthropology; childhood and higher education; person and self; morality; wellbeing; justice; deception and truth; plagiarism, writing, and authorship; multilingualism; ethnicity, nationalism and identity; sustainability and food; and anthropological theory; China and Asia, the U.S.; cross-cultural comparison.

Contact: (574) 631-3762  blum.24@nd.edu
Office hours: By appointment


Catherine Bolten

Associate Professor

PhD University of Michigan

Research Interests: Human-animal entanglements, food security, ethnoprimatology, structural violence and inequalities, poverty, youth, social politics, conflict and peace, West Africa.

Contact: (574) 631-5099  bolten.2@nd.edu
Office hours:  Zoom Tue and Wed 12:00p-1:30p

Chavez Web

Alex E. Chávez

Associate Professor

PhD University of Texas at Austin

Research Interests: Borderlands Anthropology; Critical Theory; Ethnography; Ethnomusicology/Sound Studies; Folklore; Latina/o Studies; Linguistic Anthropology; Migration; Race and Ethnicity.

Contact: (574) 631-1361  achavez3@nd.edu
Office hours:  On academic leave spring 2021


Meredith S. Chesson


PhD Harvard University

Research Interests: Archaeology, early urbanization, anth of gender, mortuary practices; Italy, Ancient Near East.

Contact: (574) 631-3775  chesson.3@nd.edu
Office hours:  On academic leave spring 2021


Lee T. Gettler

Associate Professor

PhD Northwestern University

Research Interests: Biological anthropology, life history theory, behavioral endocrinology, reproductive physiology, reproductive ecology, neurobiological correlates of partnering, allocaregiving, & fathering, cooperative breeding, allostasis, developmental plasticity & the developmental origins of health and disease (DoHAD).

Contact: (574) 631-4479  lgettler@nd.edu
Office hours: Zoom Thur 1:45p-2:30p, Fri 9:15a-10:15a, or by appointment


Donna M. Glowacki

Associate Professor

PhD Arizona State University, Tempe

Research Interests: Archaeology, depopulation & migration, social & religious change, intraregional exchange, ceramic & compositional analysis; Southwest & Eastern N. America.

Contact: (574) 631-7619  glowacki.3@nd.edu
Office hours: Mon & Wed 3:45-5:30p by office phone, or by appointment

Golitko Pic Fac Page 2019


Mark Golitko

Assistant Professor

PhD University of Illinois at Chicago

Research Interests: Archaeology, prehistoric conflict, social networks, human-environment systems, archaeometry, social network analysis; Europe, Southwestern Pacific.

Contact:(574) 631-3763 Mark.L.Golitko.1@nd.edu
Office hours: Zoom Mon 2:00-3:00p, Tue 10:00-11:00am, or by appointment



Eric Haanstad

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Associate Professor of the Practice

PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Interests: Police, state security, symbolic anthropology, media, temporality, violence, theater, performative ethnography, design anthropology, cryptocurrency futures; Native America, Thailand, Cambodia, Southeast Asia.

Contact: (574) 631-2308 EJHaanstad@nd.edu
Office hours: In-person, by phone or Zoom, M-Thu from 2:00-3:00pm, or by appointment in 296a Corbett Hall


Ian Kuijt


PhD Harvard University

Research Interests: Archaeology, Irish historical archaeology, social inequality and food production in the Near Eastern Neolithic, mortuary analysis, and lithic technology; Ancient Near East, Western N. America, Ireland.

Contact: (574) 631-3263  kuijt.1@nd.edu
Office hours: Zoom Tues 10:00-11:00am

Ocobock Headshot2

Cara Ocobock

Assistant Professor

PhD Washington University, St. Louis

Research Interests: Human biology, biological anthropology, human energetics, human ecological physiology, human thermoregulation, Neandertal thermoregulation, anthropology of sports; Finland, Samoa, American Samoa, the United States.

Contact: (574) 631-7738  cocobock@nd.edu
Office hours: Zoom MW 11:00a-12:00p, or by appointment


Rahul Oka

Associate Research Professor, Anthropology and Keough School of Global Affairs

PhD University of Illinois Chicago and Field Museum

Research Interests: Economic anthropology/archaeology, conflict, trade, and exchange, network analysis, complex systems, collapse, anthropology of urbanism, development, relief, refugee studies, poverty issues; East Africa and South Asia.

Contact: (574) 631-1372  oka.1@nd.edu
Office hours: Zoom Tues 9:00a-11:00a

Mark For Web

Mark R. Schurr

Professor and Chair

PhD Indiana University

Research Interests: Archaeology, archaeological chemistry, stable isotope analysis, Late Prehistoric/Protohistoric; Eastern N. America.

Contact: (574) 631-7638  mschurr@nd.edu
Office hours: In person 240 Corbett Family Hall or Zoom Thur 4:00-5:00p, or by appointment


Susan G. Sheridan

Associate Professor

PhD University of Colorado

Research Interests: Biological anth, paleosteology, trace element analysis, forensic anth, chemistry; Israel, Sudan, Southwest US.

Contact: (574) 631-7670  sheridan.5@nd.edu
Office hours: Zoom by appointment Wed 12:30-4:30p

Vania Headshot 2020



Vania Smith-Oka

Associate Professor

PhD University of Illinois-Chicago

Research Interests: Medical anthropology; globalization & health; anthropology of reproduction; hospital ethnography; research methods; Mexico; Kenya.

Contact: (574) 631-7269  vsmithok@nd.edu
Office hours: Zoom Mon & Tue 11:00a-12:00p. Email Professor Smith-Oka for Zoom link.

Other Faculty and Postdoctoral Scholars

Tracie Canadasmall

Tracie Canada

Postdoctoral Research Associate

PhD University of Virginia

Research Interests: Anthropology of sport; African-American ethnography; kinship studies; masculinity and gender studies; institutions of higher education; United States

Contact: tcanada@nd.edu

Peterson Headshotsmall 2020

Jeffrey V. Peterson

Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor

PhD University of Notre Dame

Research Interests:  Long-tailed macaques, the human-nonhuman primate interface, social behavior, cognition, semiotics of interaction; Bali, Indonesia

Contact: jpeter18@nd.edu
Office hours: Zoom Wed 10:00-11:00a, or by appointment



Michelle Thornton, Senior Administrative Coordinator

Office: 296 Corbett Family Hall
Contact: (574) 631-6433  mthornt2@nd.edu




Eileen Barany, Senior Administrative Coordinator

Office: 296 Corbett Family Hall
Contact: (574) 631-0299  ebarany@nd.edu